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  • Being a Highlander!
    A long time ago, when I was just 17 years old, one of my dreams came true. I Became a … Read more
  • It’s Hard!
    Running and growing a pipe band is hard work! This topic has been brewing in my mind for a few … Read more
  • Some kids play hockey.”
    That’s what I said out loud to a stranger in a school parking lot as I helped my son into … Read more
  • Wait, a scholarship for bagpiping? Yep!
    The past few years have been very good years for the Chicago Highlanders, we have bolstered our ranks with some … Read more
  • So what have I learned in a year?
    It feels like Spring is making its flirtatious move on Chicago. The only evidence that we were buried in snow a … Read more
  • “It Takes a Village”
    As I was contemplating a new blog topic over the past few days, this phrase popped into my head and … Read more
  • Show up with humility!
    Learning to play the bagpipes or drums in a pipe band is a lot of work. If you’re already in … Read more
  • Are top pipers like athletes?
    Most pipers would likely nod in agreement that by the end of a long rehearsal, a 6 minute Medley or … Read more
  • What do you miss?
    I recently played a funeral with several other pipers and after we were done, we were talking about how good … Read more
  • Spousal perks? pt. II
    Benefits of Being Married to a Bagpiper [Part 2 of 2] HI! I’m Julie Ostrow Schreiber. My husband is Joe … Read more
  • Spousal perks? pt. I
    Benefits of Being Married to a Bagpiper [Part 1 of 2] HI! I’m Julie Ostrow Schreiber. My husband is Joe … Read more
  • Once a roadie, always a roadie?
    HI! I’m Julie Ostrow Schreiber. My husband is Joe Schreiber, who is a bagpiper and the band’s Quartermaster. What is … Read more
  • Preferences
    My refurbishing project is in its final stages and now after close to two years, I am back to fully … Read more
  • Oddities
    Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to refurbish several sets of pipes. I’m not talking about refinishing … Read more
  • Bagpipe anatomy and maintenance tips for the beginner.
    If you hang around bagpipers in a band long enough and pay attention, you’ll eventually learn all these things. Curious … Read more
  • A bagpipe’s journey…
    I’ve recently been making some progress on a long term project. My R.G. Hardie pipes came to me via my … Read more

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  1. Paul McHugh says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed my years with the Highlanders. Great intro into the Chicagoland Scottish culture and community. Wonderful people, it was an honor to play for them. Paul McHugh

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