Spousal perks? pt. I

Benefits of Being Married to a Bagpiper
[Part 1 of 2]

HI! I’m Julie Ostrow Schreiber. My husband is Joe Schreiber, who is a bagpiper and the band’s Quartermaster.

What is a Quartermaster? Good question: The Quartermaster is responsible for band equipment and supplies, issuing and collecting uniforms, and ensuring that uniforms are worn properly. (It is important to look spiffy when in the competition circle and when marching in local parades.)

It is important to note that the Chicago Highlanders Pipes and Drums Band consists of men and women bagpipers and drummers. The following list is from my perspective. Enjoy!

20. You don’t have to dress up. He’s the one wearing the skirt.

(Don’t tell him I called it a skirt. I’ll get fired as his roadie.)

19. Your out-of-tune French Horn (which you’ve had since 6th grade) doesn’t sound so bad.

18. You get a front row seat to ALL of his concerts. (See #15.)

17. You’re not the one wearing wool in 90° weather.

16. You get to get kicked out of an all-male country club and learn that, “But, I’m with the band” doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t give you any clout.

15. Concerts are only 3-minutes long.

14. You can enjoy—thoroughly enjoy—the whiskey tent.

13. Getting to a parade three hours early, getting a fantastic parking spot, and walking the parade route…twice.

12. You can say, “It’s ok…I’m with the band.” (See #16.)

11. You’re always the first to arrive at a Highlanders event and the last to leave.

Julie Ostrow Schreiber

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