1921 – 2021
Celebrating a Century

With our Centennial year behind us, we’d like to thank those who hired us or came out to hear us, our members, students, alumni, families, the Palatine Presbyterian Church we call home, our friends at Dundee Scottish, and everyone else who helped make 2021 an incredible anniversary year for this band! We welcomed new Highlanders into our family and we’re heading into the future with many promising students to carry on our tradition.

Shout out to Bill Cameron for the photos in the gallery above, thanks Bill!

Thanks to bass drummer Joe Harris for pushing forward the initial Centennial logo design, we definitely got some mileage out of it!

By all accounts, our Centennial Celebration was an overwhelming success! Not only did we sell all 144 of our Centennial etched pint glasses and 97 commemorative crowlers, we raised $413 for Pollyanna’s charity of the month, St. Charles Breakfast Rotary. Jim Sim, President of the Midwest Pipe Band Association and Grandson of one of our founding Sim brothers said this “Do you realize there are 4 generations of lead drummers here?”

From former Highlander Carl Presto: “As a Highlander Alumni, I can’t thank you enough for the great anniversary party that the band had. It was so great seeing my band friends, alumni friends, and old friends from other bands. Thank you again, and please have another before 2121.”

Thanks to everyone who made this day a success and here’s to the next 100 years!

See Band Manager Dan Tesch on the Big Rab Show Podcast talking about the Highlanders’ Centennial

Our Pipe Major, Anita Jannes wrote a tune called “Centennial March” for our 100 year anniversary. The Highlanders are currently playing this tune as part of our Quick March Medley set and it has also been played when we have competed as the Alliance Pipe Band.