Payments and donations

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The Chicago Highlanders prefer payment by check but do accept PayPal for electronic payments to the band. If you would like to utilize PayPal, please let us know ahead of time and we can send you an invoice, we will also need to add a service charge to offset the PayPal fee.

We can provide a copy of our W9 if required, just ask!

When working with our members as soloists, we request you arrange payment with them directly.

Operating a pipe and drum corps involves many expenditures. The Highlanders pay for our rehearsal space, liability insurance, web hosting, association and competition registration fees, and items such as pipe chanter reeds and drum heads. We also occasionally incur expenses for professional instruction, new or replacement uniform items such as shirts, ties, vests, and hose, pipe bag covers, and Glengarrys, etc.

We cover our operating expenses by performing at various events during the year but we’re also a not for profit and perform at no charge for many charity events. We do maintain a reserve fund for emergencies and to ensure our long term financial stability but donations are always welcome!