Marching While Wearin’ the Green

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, for the Chicago Highlanders it means that the 2024 season has officially begun. For many years, it has been our privilege to march in a number of parades and play our tunes at pubs and restaurants. There’s nothing quite like marching down the street, playing our instruments as the crowd cheers and claps. This will be my third year marching on St. Patricks Day with the Chicago Highlanders, and it’s a real thrill seeing so many smiling faces that are happy to have you there.


For the past few years, the St. Patrick’s Day season has been a rite of passage for our new members. Often, we’ve inducted students into the band during the long stretch between Veteran’s Day to St. Patrick’s Day, and the parades offer an incredible opportunity for them to cut their teeth with piping or drumming while marching. I was one of those new members two years ago, and the tradition continues this year as well.

As the current band historian, I wanted to share a few photos of St. Patrick’s Day parades past. Though the band line up changes through the years, when the Highlanders march by, we play loud and proud.


Be sure to keep an eye on our schedule and if you happen to see us, be sure to stop by and say hello. Hope to see you soon.

Author: Greg Meyer

Greg lives up in Antioch, IL, with his wife, his newborn son, a cat, and adopted dog. When not taking care of his family, Greg spends his time writing on different projects. Unsatisfied with the challenges of starting fatherhood, Greg decided to complicate matters by pursuing his decade long desire to learn how to play the bagpipes. It’s only nine notes, how hard can it be?