Set #5 “Franken Pipes”

OK, we’re sort of joking here but maybe with a little work, this set could actually help a beginner learn to blow a couple of drones steady or maybe it could be a “goose” with some drones that will probably never work properly? Its all about expectations, right? For every promising old set out there, there’s bound to be some clunkers!

This set came to us along with Set #4, the Hendersons, but we left them in the box for a long time, well, because they smelled like cigarettes really bad and just looked terrible.

The first question we have is who was actually playing these the day they were put away? Seriously, they are in shameful condition. The stocks are obviously mis-matched and have some weird green goo in places and one tenor bottom looks like it might have been part of an old lamp or a table leg. There are major cracks and attempts at repair with various things and some electrical tape on the chanter stock had adhesive so gooey and mixed with cigarette smoke, it was like tar.

Is it even possible someone played these at a gig or practiced with them the day before they were retired? If so, we hope that person finds a better band to hang out with in pipe band heaven!

Perhaps this is a spare time project for the next pandemic or maybe there’s just some parts here someone might find useful.