Jon Howat

About Jon Howat

Voted into the band in October 2023, we haven't heard enough of Jon's stories to write a great bio yet though we do know he's been to South America, does some kind of work in telecommunications, and might like beer. That said, when Jon got his uniform, he was at his first gig the week after. We'll use this photo from that event here until Jon notices or someone else does and tells him. We assume that then, Jon will either like what's here and decide to hang out with us a little longer no matter what Kirk and Paul do. Or, he'll give us his favorite pic and some better text to use. Until then, enjoy this great shot from Vet Fest 2023 at Alley 64 in Palatine. Recently, we learned that Jon likes some lumps in his mashed potatoes so please continue to check back as more facts come together.