John Burris pipes

This set of pipes came to the Highlanders on June 16, 2024 when our Band Manager, Dan, was playing for the 80th birthday of former Highlander, George Coil. The pipes belonged to a friend of George’s, John Burris. John passed away 3 years prior, and his wife, Anne, wanted them to be played rather than collecting dust in a closet.

The original receipt from Scottish Modern Ent on S. Archer in Summit, IL was in the box. The pipes were purchased on March 29, 1996 for $695 and are listed as Kintail pipes. The stamp in the bass drone cord channel and on the chanter confirm the maker as Kintail.

The set needed re-hemping, and new drone reeds. Also, most of the ferrules and some of the imitation ivory projecting mounts needed to be re-glued. The chanter though, with a newish looking reed still in it, pitched right at 480 and sounded generally OK.

Here’s the set as of July 2024. All of the re-hemping is complete and the ferrules are all re-attached and polished up. The set now has a Canmore hybrid bag, a Moose Valve, EzeeDrone tenor reeds, and a Canning bass. All set and ready to go for the next Highlander student, stay tuned!