Set #4 Henderson Bagpipes

This set came to us in the summer of 2023 from Highlander Patrick Powers. Pat had initially asked us if we wanted some “parts” but when we started looking through them we found that there was an entire set amongst the pieces. Patrick used to play with the Clan MacAlpine band in the Rockford, IL area and these parts were left behind in the band’s practice space. We have no other details about who they belonged to but we’ll give them a new life with the Highlanders!

The set is in pretty rough condition and needs some cleanup. Additionally, one of the drone tops is missing a trim piece so we gave it to a friend who is going to try and make a new part to match the other tops. This friend showed them to Ron Bowen, who said, those are Henderson’s! Well, that was a surprise so we’ll definitely put the work in and take care of them. Once we get them all set up and playable, we’ll be sending Ron some photos to try and get a better idea of their vintage. In the meantime, we’ll be looking for a promising student to play them!