Set #4 Henderson Bagpipes

This set came to us in the summer of 2023 from Highlander Patrick Powers. Pat had initially asked us if we wanted some “parts” but when we started looking through them we found that there was an entire set amongst the pieces. Patrick used to play with the Clan MacAlpine band in the Rockford, IL area and these parts were left behind in the band’s practice space. We have no other details about who they belonged to but we’ll give them a new life with the Highlanders!

The set was in pretty rough condition and needed some cleanup. Additionally, one of the drone tops was missing a trim piece so we gave it to former Highlander Steve Stuart who made a new part to match the other tops. Steve showed the drone tops to Ron Bowen, who said, those are Henderson’s! Well, that was a surprise so we’ll definitely make sure to take care of them.

As of December 2023, these pipes have been cleaned up, re-hemped, and slightly oiled. The have received a new Bannatyne hybrid bag and EzeeDrone drone reeds. The box they came in (photo above) is cool but not very practical for lugging them around so they’re now in an old hard case we had available. The old cotton drone cords were taken off another set because we thought they’d look cool on this set. They sound great but we’re still tweaking them, trying to get better strike ins and cutoffs and then they’ll need a modern chanter because the old one they came with sounds nice but tunes too low to be useful in a current band setting.

Below is a shot of the repaired drone top from Steve Stuart, he made a new center piece because the original was missing. It’s a bit whiter than the original ivory but we’re grateful for his contribution to help bring this set back to life!