About Anita Jannes

Anita served two terms as the Highlander's Pipe Major. She stepped down the first time to go back to school for nursing and gave the band many months advance notice which allowed for an orderly transition. She was back in 2017 when we needed her again! A true Highlander Veteran, Anita has lead the band in countless parades, competitions, and other events, she's definitely earned the title Pipe Major Emeritus! Anita also wrote the tune "Centennial March" for our 100 year anniversary, that tune was played at our Centennial party in 2021 and in the competition Medley set with the Alliance Pipe Band for several years. It is in the Highlanders current Grade 5 QMM set and you can download a copy in the Centennial Buzz area of the History section of our website. Anita is currently learning the tenor drum with plans to play that in competition in the future, what's next?